Competitive Quality Standards for Honduran Coffee



隨著教育提升,我國政府依據國際咖啡市場需求,於2012年發展出一套技術規章。受國際認可之ISO 17025:2005咖啡品管實驗室(參見連結讓我們從顆粒外觀、尺寸至感官分析層層為咖啡品質進行嚴格把關。







In 2004, Honduras began a new phase in its coffee-producing history with the cup of excellence (COE) program, a step taken to encourage and assure consistent quality of Honduran coffee. 

Along with the boost for education, the country estabished, in 2012, The Technical Norm, which states quality requirements set by the international markets for coffee. 

Currently, the Quality Control Laboratory has been internationally recognized for its accreditation under ISO Norm 17025 : 2005. (see scope in for the physical, granulometry and sensory evaluation of coffee. 

Furthermore, technical personnel has been trained to ensure quality for Honduran coffee, complying with the highest international standards. 


From the depth of Sierra de Montecillos, in the mid-western area of the country, began an initiative that has become a worldwide symbol of quality for Honduran Coffee. 

In 2005, Honduras obtained the first Origin Denomination of the country and of the Central American region. "DO Marcala Coffee" is an incentive that sets apart the work of labor and constant search for quality as small farmers, intermediaries, roasters, brokers, and exporters. It's a dream come true. 

Thanks to their effort, it's now possible to trace the source path of the region's coffee; a warranty for buyers and consumers, especially those who are passionate for certified and specialty coffees. 

 But the road to quality does not end here. From the western region, in the highlands of the Maya-Chortí and Lenca People, The Geographic Indication Honduran Western Coffees (HWC) was born. An effort to renew the Copan Region coffee tradition. 

 So the country has set out to offer the world its commitment to produce, with the precision and sustainability, only the best arabic coffees, an effort to comply, every year, with more international quality certifications, respect for nature and the upholding of the best trade and human relations for every participant in the network for good coffee production.