Bad Boys



為什麼要選 Bad Boys?






Honduran Coffee

不要滿足於普通的咖啡,大膽,擁抱「Bad Boys」的革命精神。這款頂級宏都拉斯咖啡豆在品質和實惠上保持了完美的平衡,受到了消費者和烘培者的喜愛。那為什麼不加入咖啡叛逆者的行列,品嘗Bad Boys的不同呢?

Honduran Coffee

5個你應該考慮「Bad Boys」的原因

  1. 獨特濃郁的口味:巧克力風味與的圓潤的結合,形成了獨特濃郁的口味,不同於其他咖啡生豆。
  2. 較低的酸度:咖啡中低酸度水平對敏感酸性食物或喜歡較少酸味的人有吸引力。
  3. 順滑的完結:圓潤的咖啡以其順滑的完結而著稱,留下了口中的愉快味道,使其成為一種令人愉悅的咖啡體驗。
  4. 提高顧客滿意度:享受有豐富巧克力味、柔順完美口感和低酸度的咖啡的顧客,很可能對他們的咖啡感到更滿意,並更有可能向他人推薦。
  5. 提高業績:通過提供具有獨特味道和實惠的高品質宏都拉斯咖啡生豆,咖啡烘焙師可以吸引新顧客,提高顧客滿意度,最終提高他們的業績。


Honduran Coffee


Honduran coffee



快快點選下方按鈕,按照指示進行預訂。最少訂購量為 1 袋(每袋重量為 30 公斤)。請注意,預計在 3月底時抵達台灣,運送公司不受我們控制,所以交貨時間可能會有所不同。



今天就聯繫我們,了解更多有關訂購大量「壞男孩」咖啡的信息。我們專業的銷售團隊隨時準備協助你找到符合你業務需求的解決方案。只需發送電子郵件至 或在 Line 上加入我們 @zirclecoffee 即可開始。不要滿足於任何一種配方豆,做出明智的選擇,加入咖啡叛逆者行列,與「壞男孩」咖啡同行。


Honduran Coffee


Honduran Coffee

Raise Your Coffee Game with a badass Honduran coffee - Bad Boys

Why Bad Boys?

Looking for a coffee blend that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability with a rebellious spirit?

In the heart of Honduras, Marcala, there is a group of coffee farmers who have become known for their innovative and fearless approach to growing exceptional coffee beans. They take risks and are always experimenting to find new ways to produce the finest coffee. This bold spirit has earned them the nickname "Bad Boys." 


"Bad Boys," offers a rich chocolate flavor, a touch of sweetness, a full body, and low acidity. This balanced combination makes it the perfect choice for any house blend, espresso, or latte. With "Bad Boys" in your offerings, you'll be able to provide your customers with a truly unique and satisfying coffee experience. 

By choosing "Bad Boys" as your coffee blend, you'll be partnering with  revolutionary and daring coffee producers from Marcala Honduras, and offering your customers a premium coffee that stands out from the rest. 

Don't settle for average coffee, take a leap of faith and embrace the revolutionary spirit of "Bad Boys." This premium blend strikes the perfect balance between top-notch quality and affordability, winning over both coffee drinkers and roasters. So why not join the club of the coffee rebels and taste the difference that Bad Boys has to offer.

Honduran Coffee

5 reasons why you should consider Bad Boys as part of your blend 

  1. A unique and rich taste: The combination of chocolate flavor and full body creates a unique and rich taste, which is different from other coffee blends.
  2. Lower acidity: Low acidity levels in coffee can be a plus for people who are sensitive to acidic foods, or who simply prefer a less acidic taste.
  3. Smooth finish: A full-bodied coffee is characterized by its smooth finish, which leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth, making it an enjoyable coffee drinking experience.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction: Customers who enjoy a coffee blend that has a rich chocolate flavor, smooth finish, and low acidity are likely to be more satisfied with their coffee, and they may be more likely to recommend it to others.
  5. Improved business profitability: By offering high-quality coffee blends with a unique taste and affordability, coffee roasters can attract new customers, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boost their business profitability.


Honduran Coffee

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Honduran Coffee

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